Monday, July 16, 2007

Waiting for answers

I started out my day yesterday in a grumpy mood. Upset, because Bob doesn't seem to have finding us a church on our list of priorities. I want so badly to find a church, and be in fellowship with other Christians. I realized today though that I need to just chill out a bit and let God do it for us in His time. We did have a wonderful day yesterday. We had a late lunch/dinner at a steak restaurant that the the kids got free kids meals to at VBS. Then we walked around the mall a bit. (We had not even been in there yet! ) Afterwards we just drove all around the area for several hours. We looked at houses and marina's and fishing docks. We stopped at Sonic for Slusshies, and and really had a fun "Sunday drive" I guess you would call it. I enjoyed the time with my family and just talking and being with them in the car. I also enjoyed that it was the first day Bob did not have a "project" to work on around the house.

I know God will find us a church. We have tried one up the street, but it just didn't seem to be what we were looking for. Bob is leaving in less than a week now, and so I am torn as to whether to just find a church myself while he is gone, or just not go to church until he gets back. Maybe I could just attend one until Bob can come and make the decision about where to make our church home. I guess I will just pray about it. Some times I feel like I am praying for a whole bunch of answers about a whole bunch of things, and not knowing when I am going to get the answer. Waiting for answers is hard.......guess that is my impatience creeping in, but some things are ticking on a time crunch. Like the kids school, our car situation, ..... I guess I'll go into those another day!

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