Monday, August 13, 2007

crying question

This week at the church we have been attending Victoria is participating in Youth Week. Last night was the big kick off and each day this week they will do a community service project in the morning from 8-12:30, come home for a shower and some rest and then go back at 5:00 for dinner, a worship service, and more fun stuff until 9:00. They end the week with a lock-in on Friday night. Last night while I was at the church I decided to sneaked in during the worship service and take a peak. The message was exciting, and the worship music was awesome. They had a really cool band and it was appropriately appealing to this age group of kids. I actually got caught by the youth pastor while in there and ended up being persuaded to stay for dinner. All the Sunday School classes at the church are taking turns feeding the kids, and last night was fried chicken. It was really good! Kinda wish I were a teen again. At least this week! :-)

This morning on the way to drop her off at the church Victoria asked me if when I accepted Christ did I cry. She then went on to tell me about how every time she is at an event like this she always sees kids come up to accept Christ and they are always crying and really emotional. She said even during worship time, people cry and she feels sometimes like she wished she could make herself cry because she feels so dumb. Then she told me that sometimes she wonders if she really has Jesus in her heart, since she never really feels like crying and didn't cry when she made the choice to accept Christ as her savior.

Myself not being an overly emotional person I can really relate to how she feels. I am not much of a cryer at all and I never have been. Is this a heredity thing or a personality thing?? I have friends that can cry at the drop of a hat, but I can probably count one hand how many times I have cried in a year. I have always wished I could cry more but don't really know why it just doesn't come naturally for me.

I definitely have emotions. It tears my heart apart to hear of a person who has a husband with cancer or has lost a child, but for some reason it just doesn't come out in the form of tears. Usually when I hear about a sad or even happy situation, it just stays in my mind for a long time and I think about it almost constantly. I had a friend once who had lost a husband to cancer. She later remarried and one day she found out her 2nd husband had cancer. Half the room began to cry when she told us the news, but of course I once again (like Victoria said) felt dumb because I did not cry. What I did do though was ache in my heart for my friend for days on end after that. Her situation consumed my mind day and night and I prayed for her so very much. I realized that week what it means to bear anothers burdens.

I really don't have the answer for Victoria as to why some of us cry more than others, but I do know that whether we cry or not does not determine whether we have the Holy Spirit with in us and guess that is all that matters. Anyone have any other thoughts or ideas for helping her (and me) understand this?

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