Saturday, August 11, 2007

cookie from God

Today we headed out for a day long shopping trip. Florida has tax free school shopping through the weekend. I haven't put together yet what all the Lord taught me today. I know I must have learned something, but I will have to recover from venturing out with 3 kids when everyone else in the state of Florida is out shopping before I will be able to articulate it. It was a long day!!

I have 2 kids that are homeschooling this year and only one (my second grader) going to school. He has to wear a uniform, and of course not one store had everything in his size, so we ended up having to go from store to store. We finally found all our school supplies and uniform attire. Two kids got new lunch boxes. Victoria insists that she still wants her lunch packed every day! (I think she just wanted the cute pink lunch cooler, but that is ok) We had chick-fil-a for lunch, took a trip to the candy store in the mall, and mom had a treat for herself with a caramel machiato from star bucks! Ok, enough about the details of my day, the point that I am getting at is a sweet little thing that happened to us in the mall.

Yesterday I wrote about teaching my kids how to be kind even when others are not kind to us. Well, when we were in the mall I came across a little kiosk that sold the sweetest pottery and dinnerware with scripture printed on it. We stopped to look, and the lady gave us a scripture fortune cookie. I opened it up, and I couldn't believe what scripture was in there! Romans 12:14 Bless those that persecute you. Just the verse we are learning this week! I thought that was pretty cool!! I showed it to the kids and read it out loud. Their mouths all dropped! They had to look at the little piece of paper themselves to see that I wasn't making it up!

Sometimes God gives us little bits of encouragement to keep us going and let us know that we are on the right track. I have always called those little blessings " a little cookie from God" reminding us that the "cake" will come if we keep pressing on. I heard that from an older lady I knew several years ago. Anytime someone got a little glimpse of good coming from their efforts she would always say, "He just gave you a little cookie to keep you going"
How fun that today I really did get a little cookie!


Kelly said...

that really is a word from God to send encouragement your way. And I think what's even neater, is your kids were really blessed by it! There are lots of "cookies" that come our way, sometimes I just don't "taste" them!

Deidra said...

I think for me I get the cookie, but I am not satisfied. I want more. (Sounds like my typical struggle with food!) I need to work on being content and trusting God. I can't always have instant fruit for my labors or instant gratification. The cake is on it's way, [but not if I eat too many cookies!! :-)]