Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What I want to accomplish over the next 40 days

If I am going to give up sweets, it is going to have to be for a great cause! I havn’t even been able to give up sweets for even a day for any reason. Even loosing weight has never been a strong enough reason for me to give up sweets. I would rather run 10 miles afterward than to give up a piece of cake! So, what is my purpose of giving up sweets? Here is what I came up with today.
First of all…it is NOT about the sweets. I don’t in anyway think sweets are a problem in my life. I have no NEED to cut them out. I am CHOOSING to cut out something I really enjoy as a symbol of the sin on my life, and the sacrifice Christ made for me so that I can be washed clean of that sin and be called holy and righteous before Him.

During the next 40 days I hope to achieve a spiritual renewal through a stronger faith in Christ. I hope to replace my longing for sweets with a greater longing for Him. I hope to do this by focusing more on prayer and a disciplined heart seeking to be in obedience to God in several areas of my life. *prayer *surrendering ALL *slow to anger *slow to speak *respect for my husband
I am sure the Lord will be pointing more ways out to me as the days go by. I am eager to see what he shows me.

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