Tuesday, June 10, 2008

37 weeks and counting

It is too hot to be pregnant in Panama City Florida!! Clothes are too hot...makeup is too hot.....it is just stinkin' hot! If I am not in the house or in the pool I am hot. And even in the house it has to be when Bob is not home, because he isn't a fan of the air being set on 72!! But I'm hot!! This baby is heavy and I can hardly walk with out toppling over! I am though, still enjoying these last days of being pregnant. I am so glad to have been blessed with the opportunity one more time.

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Amy said...

Hey Deidra! :) I logged on to check out your current state and also wanted to ask you about an Initial Grace detail. If you are still doing that, let me know. (jacehaskell@gmail.com)

Best wishes for the last few days...