Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Doesn't it just figure!

My sweet husband just had his Birthday last week. I never know what to do for him. He is so hard to shop for. He loves salsa, so I thought I had the best idea. He has always made his own salsa in my blender which he likes, but after eating other peoples homemade salsa he said a while back that he thought we needed a food processor so it could be chunkier. So, we got him a food processor for his birthday and the kids and I made him the cutest Salsa cookbook filled with a whole bunch of recipes for all different kinds of salsa I thought looked good. (He has never really used a recipe, just throws stuff in and sometimes he says he gets it good and sometimes not so much!)
Anyway, wouldn't it just figure that you can't find a fresh tomato in any store in town due to the recall!! Oh well, today I just broke down and bought him a couple cans of whole tomatoes. That was all I could find. I think we will try a corn salsa first, because I had 3 ears of corn left over from his Birthday steak dinner he requested.

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