Monday, September 19, 2011

Dull and Boring Book of Kings

My CBS Bible study this year is on the books of 1&2 Kings and the minor prophets.  Other times when reading through the books of Kings I have always thought of it as a historical book of time tables with battles, ancient kings and other uninteresting accounts.  All the strange names and kingdoms seem so far removed from everyday situations that I seem to find common ground with in other parts of the Bible.  This time though, the study is helping me to see Kings in a new way.

Today I saw something interesting in the historical perspective of the books.  The author always seems to evaluate the kings on their walk (or lack of) with God.  Instead of really focusing on military, architectural, or geographic achievements, the kings lives are summarized by their spiritual walk.  Even today our presidents, CEO's, political figures and Military officials are mostly evaluated on things such as economic well being of our country, the effectiveness of our health care or social systems, the ability to win votes, please people, and even war strategies. But the Kings these books were judged entirely on their Spiritual walk.  Could you imagine if we did that with the authority figures in our nation today?  Oh my!!
Eventually we will all be evaluated and judged this way.  Our perfectly clean homes will do us no good, our lovely wardrobe and jewelry will be worthless. Even how our children turned out will be of little importance.

How would I live differently if I truly believed that my spiritual health was the most important aspect of my life?  How would my priorities change if I really grasped the idea that nothing but my walk with God really matters?  Maybe there is more in the books of Kings than I thought in the beginning.  I suspect  that I am going to learn a whole lot more than I had originally thought in this study.  :)

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